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Marlon Brando, an inconditional Gin&Tonic lover



If we don’t start something original once in a while, people will end getting bored of us.

Marlon Brando, with that bad boy image that made him irresistible to many women over the years, was decades ahead of our tendencies, for he was an unconditional lover of Gin&Tonic.

MArlon Brando


Gin&Tonic is one of the most enjoyable and beloved drink for human beings. It was born in the early nineteenth century in India, when the Indian and British soldiers, from the Majesty’s Army, mixed quinine (an effective resource in order to fight malaria), obtained from the bark of the known as “Fever Tree”, with sugar, lemon and water to make it digestible. Later on, they decided to replace the water for soda and they started adding distilled gin in situ (that was far better than the one produced in the metropolis). The combination was so successful that the English took it back home with them, making it their national drink. Gin&Tonic had been born. It was a digestive long drink, light and full of life. An icon had been born.

Gin & Tonic is just a cup, no tricks. A well-done G&T is one of the most sublime creations by human beings. A poorly done G&T becomes something vulgar, with too much alcohol and undrinkable. In Gimlet and Dry Martini, we prepare it in a glass designed by ourselves, honouring the traditional cider cup. We add seven small blocks of Scotsman crystal ice, a glass of Bombay Original or Sapphire gin, a bottle of Schweppes tonic water, a slice of lemon or lime, finally, we stir the result lightly with a spoon, in order to be hypnotised with its aroma.


Served directly in the glass.


– 1 glass of Bombay Original or Sapphire gin (6 cl).

– 1 bottle of Schweppes tonic.

– Decoration: 1 slice of lime or lemon.

Type of glass

A tall and wide glass, like the traditional cider one.


1/ Serve seven Scotsman ice cubes in a tall and wide glass, like the one used to drink cider.

2/ Add a glass of Bombay Original or Sapphire gin.

3/ Complete the mix with a bottle of Schweppes tonic.

4/ Decorate with a slice of lemon or lime.

5/ Finally, stir lightly with a spoon to feel its aroma.

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