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London, places and bars



In London, nothing better than walking around these gardens and approaching to some of its special landmarks.

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London, 5 p.m. I am entering the cocktail temple, the Artesian bar at Langham, I sit down and order a Langham Martini. Artesian is in the first position among the 50 mejores bares del mundo. The atmosphere of the place is elegant, classic with an oriental touch. During the time I am there, the atmosphere is calm and relaxed. I drink and taste slowly my Langham Martini, while I read the daily press. An hour later, I walk into the centre through Regent Street and New Bond and entertain myself with the windows from de different shops.


After, I take a taxi that leads me to the London Eye, the huge wheel that rises opposite to the Big Ben. The structure consists in 32 capsules or cabins with a capacity of 25 passengers each. From its cabins, the views are spectacular. In the West, from London Eye, you can appreciate the Buckingam Palace, the Royal Albert Hall and Trafalgar Square. In the northbound, the views of the BT Tower and Covent Garden. If you focus in the east, you are able of capturing a fantastic view of the St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London and Tower 42. Finally, southbound, you will observe the Parliament, the Big Ben and Westminster Abbey seen.

Beside London Eye, lies the Savoy Hotel and one of the most prestigious bars in the city, the American Bar, with over 125 years of existence it has become an institution for bartenders and fans of the cocktail world. This American Bar ranks fifth among the 50 best bars in the world. The Savoy hotel and its dependencies are like a parallel universe, where the traditional city of London survives. A place with character to escape from the crowd and to relax in the American Bar.


From the Savoy Hotel we can approach to the pedestrian area of ​​Covent Garden and enjoy the small shops and the atmosphere in the street.

Dry Martini from Barcelona has maintained for the seventh consecutive year on the list of the fifty best bars. Coinciding with this news, Javier de las Muelas and his team have landed at the Meliá White House in London, where they have just created Dry Martini London. An elegant space, with a wide copper bar, classic furnishings with blue and fuchsia tones, and exquisitely decorated with works from the personal collection of Javier de las Muelas’s space, that are converting it in one of the most promising bars in London. It will become and ideal place to taste Dry Martini, honouring the bar’s name.


The hotel is close to Regent’s Park, the natural scenery that with Hyde Park is the green point of the city. In London, nothing better than walking around these gardens and approaching to some of its special landmarks.


Just a few minutes from Meliá White House, the British Museum there is another place to worship and visit immediately if you are in London. The rooms devoted to Africa, Asia, Britain, Egypt, Europe, Greece, Japan, the Middle East, Pacific, Rome and other collections and departments including Ancient Egypt, Sudan, coins and medals, Greek antiquities, Roman, Oriental and Japanese are some of the main attractions of a museum in which visitors can perform a miraculous journey through history. The museum has the Queen Elizabeth II Great Court, a spectacular work made of glass. In the middle of this immense structure, I foung a precious Reading Room in a circular building, constructed in 1857. A fascinating place to say good bye to our particular tour through the capital of England’s lands.

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