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Cocktail Experience By Javier de las Muelas in Creative Signatures



Cocktail Experience, an online course By Javier de las Muelas through the Creative Signatures platform. The world of cocktails, a universe of colour, creativity, technique and profession.

Cocktail Experience, a online course in Creative Signatures (online gastronomy courses platform) where we will learn how to handle cocktail making using all of Javier de las Muelas techniques and secrets, creating cocktails with an exclusive and inimitable quality.

The cocktail is a drink with centuries of history and evolution, even though it is worth underlining that in the last few decades, in parallel with the evolution in gastronomy, it has been experiencing the most creative moments in its history. Javier de las Muelas has lived this change closely and has become one of the great international exemplars showing us the infinite possibilities and surprises that a cocktail can offer us. A cocktail is a world in itself.

For professionals or simply cocktail lovers who want to learn the basic techniques for the elaboration of cocktails as well as the potential combinations to achieve unique and surprising results.

El curso incluye:

– 1h 40′ of video.

– 24 Lessons.

– 11 Recipes.

– Extra materials.

– Course Certificate.

About Creative Signatures.

Cocktail Experience course in CREATIVE SIGNATURES.


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