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50 Years after The Beatles revolutionized Spain



The Liverpudlian Fab Four stayed at the Gran Melía Fénix Hotel in Madrid where you can now find Dry Martini.

The first of July, 1965 at approximately 5.40 pm, The Beatles first burst into Spain revolutionizing the music scene, beyond the political atmosphere of the time.  The only concerts they held were in Las Ventas, on the second of July and La Monumental, Barcelona the following day. In both occasions they played alongside two well recognized bands of the time: Los Pekenikes and Sírex.


The Liverpudlian Fab Four stayed at the Gran Melía Fénix Hotel in Madrid where you can now find Dry Martini. Long hours of work and devotion made the conservation of their legacy at the hotel possible, therefore creating five suites, one with each of their names. These rooms have become known as the perfect pilgrimage place for fans of the outstanding band.


During their visit to Spain, they had a few anecdotes such as one concerning Manuel Benítez ‘El Cordobés’ in which he introduced himself to the group with a photographer hoping to capture a moment with the incredulous four and due to a misunderstanding between the band and himself, it wasn’t possible.


Before the band’s concert in Barcelona, they stayed at The Avenida Palace in which they had no option but to leave through the service door to avoid collapsing traffic in the street due to their huge amount of fans.

The funny story is that Lennon had to exchange his trousers with Joan Gaspar – the hotel proprietor – before the show because his own were too crumpled after being overwhelmed by their enthusiastic fans.

50 years later both the second of July in Madrid, Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas and the third in Sant Jordi Club, Barcelona the Beatles came back to Spain to take part in the biggest tribute concerts organized by the Bootleg Beatles to date. The invited bands simply couldn’t be anyone else but Los Pekenikes in Madrid and Sírex in Barcelona.

As it stands, Gran Meliá Fénix is still the venue in which The Beatles have spent most time playing during their revolutionary visits to Spain.

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