Cocktail Art
Dry Martini is the cocktail bar of Barcelona that has become an icon in the Cocktail World. It opened over 30 years ago. In the begining, when the founder of mixology, Don Pere Carbonell, ran it, the Dry Martini Cocktail Bar was a Martinería: only served Dry Martini. There followed other cocktails like the Gin Fizz, Margaritas, Negronis, Whiskey Sours, etc.
When Javier de las Muelas received its bequest, he wanted to maintain the essence of a classic cocktail bar: he maintained the English style of a cocktail bar: leather, wood and brass; expanded the menu with classical cocktail recreations and its famous new collections of genuine, exclusive and innovative cocktails. Also, he introduced feminine concepts and touches in the cocktail world. All, maintaining the cocktail essence that gives its name: Dry Martini. An example is the art collection of the walls dedicated to this famous cocktail.
Currently, the Dry Martini of Javier de las Muelas, is on the list of the 50 best bars in the world, as part of the top 25 year after year, and it is considered the third best gin in the world bar.


Aribau, 162, 166
08036 Barcelona
+34 932 175 072

Open Monday to Thursday 13:00 to 2:30 
      Friday 13:00 to       3:00 Saturday - 18:30 to 3:00 Sunday 18:30 to 2:30.